What to do about constant Internet drop outs


Are you constantly suffering from internet drop outs? Drop outs are short, frequent losses of internet connection. It is quite common to experience a few drop outs per week, but if it happens more often than that, you could have filtering problems.

Drop outs are extremely frustrating. Diagnosing the problem can be even more frustrating and very time consuming. When trouble shooting, start by checking the line filter, as that is usually the cause of the problem. All devices in your home that connect to your phone line need to go through a line filter. Many people believe telephones are the only devices that need to be filtered, however, without good line filters, disconnections can occur when other devices such as fax machines, cordless phones, alarm systems, dial-up modems and digital pay TV systems are installed on the same line, even when these other devices are not in use.


Every device on the same phone line needs to be filtered because the ADSL signal coming from the modem will eventually combine with the other devices. Since ADSL uses a higher range of frequencies, the other devices will pick up these higher frequencies, causing the connection to temporarily drop out.

How to plug in a line filter

Filters typically have two sockets on one side. One socket is for the line and the other is for the phone. Plug the other end into a line that runs to the phone socket on the wall. Some filters may also have an ADSL socket, but you don’t need to filter your ADSL modem. Never plug your ADSL modem into the phone socket or the line socket – this will cause even more internet drop outs.

Line noise

Line noise can also cause you to lose your internet connection. Test noise on your line by picking up the receiver. If you hear any crackling or static, there may be a problem with your phone cabling. Contact your telephone service provider, as the problem is on their end.

Phone cabling

The phone lines running from your modem to the wall socket can wear out over time, so check to see if they are in good condition. Disconnections can also occur if the line is more than ten metres long. Try using a shorter cable; also try other wall sockets in your home. The problem might just be with a certain phone socket.