Why does my home need smart wiring?


If you are like most Australian home-owners today, you have a number of types of wiring installed. Wiring is needed for your pay television, Internet access, fax machine and landline telephone, among other things. While in the past it made sense to have separate wiring for separate services, with the number of services available today this option is no longer practical. Smart wiring is the way to go if you want your services to run smoothly, especially if you find yourself in need of repairs for any reason.

What is Smart Wiring?

Contrary to what you may have heard, smart wiring is not another type of network cable; it is a complete wiring system designed to make wiring-dependent services run more effectively. In essence, smart wiring is a system that allows you to integrate all of your home systems. Using this type of system, you can easily setup your home for the services you require and leave space for services you may wish to purchase in future. As an example, many Australians decide against pay TV each year. With a traditional wiring system, it may be difficult to reverse this decision. With smart wiring, you can simply hook-up the proper wiring should you decide in future to purchase pay TV.

Advantages of Smart Wiring

There are several advantages of a smart wiring system over traditional wiring.

  • It is easier to install. Smart wiring is generally installed by one technician, who can return to hook up or turn off other services as needed. Conversely, traditional wiring requires each service provider to install wiring separately at the start of service.
  • It is more flexible. As mentioned previously, smart wiring allows you to turn services on and off easily without requiring a renovation of your home to install new wiring. Once the smart wiring system is installed, you simply need to request additional services should you decide to take advantage of them.
  • It is easier to make repairs. Should your pay TV, landline telephone or other service go on the blink, smart wiring makes it much easier to get needed repairs. Rather than having to sort through a tangled mess of wires and/or temporarily remove wiring related to other services in order to access the needed wiring, technicians simply go to the smart wiring box and work with the needed elements to make repairs.

Simply put, smart wiring is an absolute necessity for 21st century Australian homes. With Internet wired phones, media streaming devices and other new technology becoming more and more standard, older wiring simply cannot bear the load.